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Friday, November 10, 2006

Today was my 4th full day of living in Los Angeles and I have a lot to catch up on. After arriving on Monday afternoon, unpacking and getting settled, Gary and I spent Tuesday & Wednesday evenings in the studio with Shut Up Stella (an emerging girl band) and Good Charlotte as they wrote and recorded 2 songs. I'm telling you, these girls are going to be a huge hit when they break. Gary, Kay & Janet are currently producing a reality show about Jessie, Kristin & Fan and all of the drama that follows them or that they create. Fan regaled us with a story of how her grandmother had knit her this nice scarf. Well, she threw up on it the other night and instead of washing it, decided it would be easier to cut the vomit out...with scissors. So now grandma's scarf has a big hole in it but she's still wearing it. Kristin got about a million phone calls from various guys she seems to be mostly uninterested in. Jessie was bubbly and adorable and spent half the night teaching Kay some sweet dance moves. Joel from Good Charlotte thought Kay was 28 which totally made her day and I announced that my new fake L.A. age would be 22. Ha, yeah right. Jessie thought I could pass and Kristin just didn't want me to be younger than she is and my mother has already told me that there's no way I could pass for being that young "because 22-year-olds don't have the bone structure" that I have. Which is of course just a really nice way of saying "you look much older than that." Kay gave me a lecture on the benefits of early botox treatments but seeing as I've only been here for a few days, I think I'll stick with my current method of anti-aging: sunscreen, hats, big sunglasses and the occasional microdermabrasion session. :)
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Jessie, Kristin, Kay & Fan
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Joel from Good Charlotte


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