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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Last night we went to see Kay and Michael play a gig at the Key Club in West Hollywood. It was so much fun, the Shut Up Stella girls were there and Fan even went up to perform a song with Kay. It's so amazing to see them play live since it's a pretty rare occurrence these days but it does take me back to the early/mid-nineties when I used to go with all of my friends to see Letters to Cleo play at the 9:30 club and other D.C. venues. Of course I was underage then and it was always on a school night. The Fairfax girls remember those times, don't you ladies? Who remembers Erin almost killing us on the way home by entering the beltway via the exit ramp? Yeah, that is burned into my memory forever...I think that's my only real memory of Erin screaming at anyone.
The one and only Kay Hanley
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USA Mike, Guitar God
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only remember erin screaming two times, that one on the beltway and then in LA leaving that Restaurant in Redondo Beach- remember? Merry

3:54 PM  
Blogger Justine Ungaro said...

Oh yeah, I do remember Erin screaming then too! :)

7:23 PM  

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