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Sunday, December 17, 2006


Wednesday night Gary and I headed over to Stephanie's house in the hills for her annual Santa Lucia party...sort of like Swedish Christmas. There were various Swedish food and drinks, some of which you had to be a little brave in order to try. Stephanie herself said her throat was burning from the libations she was serving. :)
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Gary and I only knew a couple of people who were there, so eventually we retreated to "the screening room", the most amazing, cozy, loungy, Moroccan-style tv room you've ever seen. The walls and ceiling are lined with fabric and I swear I could live there very happily.
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We were just sitting around chatting and then an amazing thing happened. Random people just started wandering back, so one by one we asked them to join us. Eventually we had like 8 people sitting with us...and what an eclectic group it was. It consisted of: a photographer, a tv producer, a spiritual healer, a couple of musicians, a Moroccan, and some other randoms. Maria, the spiritual healer was the first to join us. She was fascinating and such a calming presence, I really liked having her around. She told us that she lived near Studio City which brought us to a conversation about how Michael & Kay live there. Well Maria mentioned something about the monstrosity that is going up on the corner of Mound View & Viewcrest. We couldn't believe she knew that spot because that is the lot of Michael and Kay's old house which they just sold. Someone bought it and leveled it to build what looks like a hotel amidst all sorts of cute houses and fruit trees. It really is just awful. Well Maria told us that one of her friends used to live there and was married to the manager of "The Doors". We thought this was amazing and couldn't wait to tell Michael and Kay....who of course was not news to them. Maria also told us that Stephanie's house was once owned by Bob Dylan, which was also very cool. During this I somehow figured out that "Momo" the guy sitting next to me was from Morocco. I told him that my mother had grown up in Tangier and that I had spent time there several years ago. Turns out he is from Casablanca but his friend who was with him that night grew up in Tangier. He brought her in to meet me. It only took us about a minute to figure out that we knew the same people, and soon we were laughing and telling stories about the place. It really is a small world!



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