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Thursday, November 23, 2006


Wow, I am such a fat fatty today! But I'm not alone. I think each of my family members must have consumed at least a stick of butter today...EACH. I couldn't believe it but every single course was just drenched in butter. But yummy. Tomorrow starts the annual post holiday diet and exercise plan which I'm sure will be put off until Monday when the leftovers have run out. The pecan pie is calling me back so I must go. But first I'll leave you with a family recipe we like to call "Great-Granny's Carrots", named after my great-grandmother Maime Houldsworth of Blackpool, England. It is a holiday staple in our family.

5 pounds carrots
1 stick of butter

- peel carrots and slice up into 1 inch pieces
- put in large pot and bring to a boil
- boil until semi-soft
- strain water and put back into pot
- add 1 stick of butter and chop up with a knife into bits
- add a lot of salt and pepper to taste

Excellent with turkey, mashed potatoes and other holiday favorites. Yummy!!!



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